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Letter of Agreement Form

Nina Online! Provides quality and up to date writing services in a timely fashion. Our goal
is to make sure that the client is 100% satisfied with every assignment.


In most cases, we will be able to provide a flat rate estimate. If the parameters of a project change, or if it involves more research and time of a particular topic, we will inform you, and we will renegotiate a competitive rate.

Our flat rate includes:

A telephone interview, if needed, and two rounds of revisions. Additional charges may apply to incidental expenses such as, gas mileage, postage, long distance calls, etc. Charges will be determined by the amount of time and capital spent on a particular task.

Acceptance of Work

If applicable, we will submit the final invoice for an assignment after delivering the copy.
After we send a completed draft for review, we expect the client to contact us within 5-7 business days. If the client does not contact us within that time frame, we have every right to assume that the client approves the work, and will send final invoice for payment if necessary.
We require a signed Letter of Agreement before we begin any research or written assignments.


This agreement is between Nina Online! And Abrams Group______ Thereafter referred to as Nina Lewis and Josh Abrams and Jason Abrams

Project Details:

This project entails writing lead generating content for the new website for Josh and Jason. Each page will be keyword rich and consist of approximately 250-500 words descriptions for specific areas in Las Vegas to showcase certain luxury condo and high rise homes for sale. The keywords to focus on are: Luxury / Las Vegas/home and/or Luxury Las Vegas Homes / Las Vegas Luxury Homes – Here are the condos/high rises I will write descriptions about:
1. Turnberry place
2. Turnberry tower
3. Park tower
4. Regency tower
5. Mandarin oriental
6. Veer tower
7. Signature towers
8. VDara
9. Trump Tower
10. Palms place
11. ONE Las Vegas
12. Allure
13. Sky
14. Soho lofts
15. Newport lofts
16. JUHL
17. The Ogden
18. Panorama Towers
19. The martin
20. One Queensridge Place
21. C2 Lofts
22. Condos @ The District
23. The Modern
24. Grammercy
25. Manhattan
26. Boca Raton
27. The Meridian
28. Platinum
29. Casablanca
30. Cosmopolitan
31. Loft 5
32. Park Avenue
4 Additional Communities added
33. Cortabella
34. Canyon Crest
35. Amber Hills
36. Desert Trails

My proposed fee for these services is $ 480 (for 32 specific areas), that equates to $ 15 per page. The pages will be listed once we make a final agreement to work together

Once the content is written it will be sent to Josh and Jason for approval or to make necessary edits and changes.

Your Initial Deposit: $ 240 (remaining balance due once all content is complete)
New remaining balance $ 240 + 60 (for the 4 additional articles) $ 300
Due Date of Project: July 31, 2014


Signatures by client constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Expiration of Estimate

Estimated costs are valid for 60 days from the date of this estimate.


The specified price is an estimated cost on the initial details of the assignment. Any additional costs will be added to the estimate upon completion of assignment. Estimated costs are good for 60 days from the date of this estimate.

Client Approval

The client understands that he/she is responsible for written approval of work ordered. The approval can be in the form of initials or sent via fax or email. Upon acceptance of assignment, client accepts further responsibility on how the completed document is used. Nina Online is not responsible for errors in this work or projects related to the work after acceptance of the client's approval.


Changes can be made to a document. However, all changes are subject to additional charges, depending on how extensive the change may be. Changes should be requested in a written format via email or fax. (Up to 2 Revisions at no charge).
After a client accepts and approves work and he still requires a change, Nina Online! will negotiate a fair rate to make the necessary changes if needed.


Nina Online! understands that projects and assignments do not always go according to
plan. However, if a client decides to cancel an assignment, a cancellation fee will be charged.* Client must request a cancellation of assignment by sending a written request to Nina Lewis by facsimile or email. Client is responsible for payment in full if they cancel assignment after completion of project.
Cancellation fees are determined by the percentage of an assignment completed upon cancellation.


For projects over $ 300 we require 50% deposit at the start of the project. After the assignment is complete we will invoice you for the remaining balance.
For projects less than $ 300, we require 100% upfront deposit.
Payment for this project is due upon receipt. Unless otherwise specified in writing, unpaid invoices will accrue an interest rate of 2.5% per month if not paid within 30 days from date of invoice.


Client Agrees to pay for all reasonable attorney fees if an account is placed with an attorney for
collection. Client understands that if payment is not received that further legal action will take place and client may have to appear in court to rectify the situation.
Writer' Signature __Nina N. Lewis_____________________________________
Client's Signature _______________________________________
Today's Date______07/16/2014___________________________________


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